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State Council

Who are we?

Who are we?

The Iowa State PF Council was created to coordinate and assist local chapters in their mission to create wildlife habitat, grow youth outreach & education, and habitat improvement. The state of Iowa is divided into 9 Districts. Each District can elect two (2) District Representatives, and as many Alternates as desired, to represent them on the Council. Each District has a maximum 2 votes at each meeting. The Council meets quarterly on the second Sunday in Jan, April, July and Oct. as needed to address issues and land acquisitions throughout the state.

The Iowa Council also created and manages the Iowa Council Trust Fund. Individual Chapters can join the Trust fund by contributing 10% of their annual net banquet funds. The Trust Fund provides grants to member chapters for land acquisition projects and supports special statewide conservation issues such as Buffer Strip Programs, legislative issues, and youth programs.

Iowa Pheasants Forever Council Roles, Activities, & Objectives

  • Organize the Iowa State Meeting Banquet
  • Sponsor & support the State Art Council
  • Sponsor the selection & production of the “Iowa Print of the Year”
  • Sponsor the selection & production of the Iowa Habitat stamp
  • Oversee the Iowa PF Council Trust Fund & disperse money to aid chapters with land purchases
  • Oversee the endowment fund money to support Council objectives
  • Sponsor & support educational programs for kids, teachers, volunteers and landowners
  • Support legislative efforts at all levels of government that help conservation, habitat & recreation in Iowa
  • Support efforts to provide native prairie Seed to chapters
  • Support efforts to provide food plot seed to chapters
  • Support Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever national initiatives within Iowa

The Iowa State Council's annual fundraising banquet will be on January 27, 2024 at the state convention! 

Please consider making a donation to this banquet to support land acquisition across the state! 

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