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Farm Bill Biologist Program

Farm Bill Biologists

Helping Landowners With Wildlife Goals

Iowa's Farm Bill Biologist Program: Helping Landowners Achieve Their Conservation Goals

Our team of 12 Farm Bill Biologists (FBBs) are a great resource for landowners and producers interested in implementing habitat conservation projects on the land! FBBs assist landowners and producers with step-by-step planning for establishing and managing habitat. Additionally, FBBs help landowners navigate through federal, state, and local (including PF/QF chapter-based) financial assistance programs to meet their conservation goals and objectives.

The PF/QF Farm Bill Biologist program started in Iowa in 2009. Since then, our FBB team has made over 30,000 landowner contacts which has resulted in helping landowners’ impact over 210,000 acres of conservation projects across the state. Additionally, the FBB program puts on field days and workshops across the state each year covering a wide array of topics.

Our program is made possible by strong partnerships with the USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, local Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters, local Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Loess Hills Alliance.

To find your local farm bill biologist visit our Iowa Team Page

For an update on the IA FBB Program for 2018 Click Here

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