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Precision Ag and Conservation

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Farm the Best, Conserve the Rest!

Pheasants Forever’s Precision Ag and Conservation initiative brings new technology into our long-standing tradition of working with farmers. Iowa’s Precision Ag and Conservation Specialist (PACS) is available to analyze farm data to pinpoint marginal acres and make a plan to transform them into vibrant habitat, all while improving the farm’s bottom line. This is a FREE service for farmers and landowners!

Data, maps, and numbers only tell part of the story. A key aspect to this process is including the farmer’s knowledge of their land. There is no substitute for their years of experience working a particular field. With that in mind, however, sometimes the numbers are a real eye opener when it comes down to deciding whether to make a change. Many farmers are surprised to see just how much an issue in the field is costing them. Guided by the farmer’s goals, we can help brainstorm alternative ideas for those spots once they’re delineated.

Focusing on the Farmer’s Goals

Focusing on the Farmer’s Goals

When we start considering field planning options, our goals are to make fields easier to farm, increase average yields, reduce expenses, and address any erosion, water quality and fertility concerns within the field. We make sure to plan for the size of equipment a farmer is using and to maintain access to all parts of the farmable acres. We aim to grow something on every acre to maximize the efficiency of the farm. This can include adding forage and pasture, enrolling ground in the Conservation Reserve Program, or growing small grains like oats and rye for cover crop seed. This process ensures we are planning for the land’s fullest potential with the farmer’s goals in mind!

Precision Conservation Incentive

Right now, Pheasants Forever has a special incentive for farmers in Iowa and Minnesota. Farmers can receive a one-time incentive to farm their best acres while conserving the rest, if they make a change based on the precision conservation analysis. Earn a one-time precision conservation incentive payment on the acres that remain in production when you make a management change following your PACS consultation:

  • Low alternative adoption (5-9% of the original field): $8.00/ac
  • Medium alternative adoption (10-15% of the original field): $18.00/ac
  • High alternative adoption (>16% of the original field): $26.00/ac

Get paid to farm your best acres in Iowa! This incentive is in addition to the possibility of federal, state and local payments for implementing conservation practices. Check out an overview HERE for more information.

Contact Stephanie Nelson, Iowa PACS, to get started!

Email or call (712) 266-3977.

2019 Precision Ag Farmer of the Year