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State History of Pheasants Forever

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The state of Iowa currently supports 100 Pheasants Forever chapters, 2 Quail Forever chapter and 2 student Pheasants Forever Chapters within its 99 counties. 20,000 PF/QF members support this chapter framework along with state/national efforts. PF/QF in Iowa has long been considered the state leader in habitat projects, land acquisitions, youth conservation outreach and conservation policy among all Pheasants Forever states throughout the nation.

Since 1985, Iowa PF/QF chapters have established 618,000 acres of nesting cover; 313,000 acres of food & cover plots; planted over 11,000,000 trees and shrubs on private lands; restored 19,000 acres of wetlands; completed mid-contract management on 186,000 acres of CRP, and more. Additionally, over $13 million has been cost-shared by Iowa PF/QF chapters to purchase more than 786 public wildlife areas (92,000 acres) with natural resource agencies. PF/QF in Iowa has spent over $10 million on youth conservation outreach and public relations. Our programs have impacted over 55,000 youth. In all, Iowa Pheasants Forever chapters invested over $60 million on more than 124,000 habitat projects impacting over 1.2 million acres, countless equipment purchases, and conservation education that have positively influenced the lives of thousands of Iowa youth.

Iowa Pheasants Forever- Leaders in Habitat and Conservation Since 1985

Iowas Farm Bill Biologist Program

The Farm Bill Biologist program has been active in Iowa since late 2009. Our biologists work with private landowners to complete habitat projects. For more information on the program CLICK HERE. Or, to contact a farm bill biologist in your area, please visit our Iowa Team page. 

Iowa Conservation Buffers Partnership

This 5 year program provided funding for SWCD’s to hire Technicians in 87 Iowa SWCD’s to promote Continuous CRP and assist landowners in with practices. The partnership included PF, IDNR, SWCD’s, NRCS, and NFWF, and resulted in over 25,000 CRP contracts, and 215,578 acres of buffer practices. Partner contributed $2,048,689 in funds. PF and DNR contributed in excess of $660,000 to the project.

NFWF – Iowa Prairie and Wetlands Conservation Grant

A $100,000 National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Grant was matched with monies from the Iowa PF Trust Fund, PF Endowment, PF chapters, other partners, to cost share prairie acquisitions with Iowa DNR and County Conservation Boards. The partnership helped acquire and protect 1108 acres (8 projects) of unique prairie/wetland areas. In the final analysis, about $1.2 Million was directed to these acquisitions.

DNR/ PF/USFWS/ Truax Companies – Native Grass Drill Purchase Program

Two programs (including DNR, Pheasants Forever, USF & WS and Truax Company) provided a $3K incentive (per drill) for Iowa PF chapters and County Conservation Boards to buy native grass drills—resulting in 20 native grass drills being placed throughout Iowa—a commitment of over $250,000.

DNR Native Seed Production – PF provided Funds for Lease and Acquisition of Combine

Pheasants Forever solicited funds from chapters to assist in the development of the DNR’s Native Seed Production Program. PF paid for lease of a Case IH combine the first year and then bought the combine for the DNR in the second year of the program. DNR bought the head for the combine.

DNR Private Lands Management Program—Initial $50,000 to the Program

When there was a need to show public/sportsmen support for the DNR’s new Private Lands Program, the Iowa State Pheasants Forever Council contributed $50,000 to the program. Pheasants Forever National also assisted by handling administration for the program, which continues to grow today.

PF/DNR Youth Shooting Trailer for Information & Education Division (Springbrook Education Center)

Springbrook needed a shotgun shooting facility on the grounds of the Education Center for programs such as Outdoor Journey and Hunting & Conservation Camp (these programs directed at youth and hunting have impacted thousands of Iowa youngsters). PF contributed $15,000 for automatic trap throwers and a trailer to haul equipment. It has been used extensively at Springbrook and statewide.

Iowa Pheasant and Quail Restoration Area—Southern Iowa.

Pheasants Forever hired a “Habitat Specialist” to implement habitat projects in a four county target area in south central Iowa over 5 years. The Habitat Specialist planted native grass and forb mixes, created food plots, improved old CRP fields and conducted many prescribed fire. PF’s commitment financial commitment exceeded $500,000.